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SALE Ultimate Halloween Collection Clam Shell: Pumpkin, Toffee Apple, Happy Halloween

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Get your hands on my 3 best-selling Halloween scents in one! 

75g of each scent! 

The clam shells are 100% recyclable! 

Toffee Apple - A mouthwatering candy apple accord with top notes of juicy red apple with a heart of apple, peach and smooth caramel on a base of fluffy musk, sweet vanilla and a frosting of sugar.

Pumpkin - A true seasonal treat - with the aroma of ripe pumpkin combined with a homely baking scent, with long lasting sweet notes.

Happy Halloween - A tingly sweet candy fragrance composed of pink raspberry, red strawberry, purple plum, citrus jelly bean notes and edible vanilla and liquorice.

CLP labels will be stuck on, I just wanted you to see the full Melt for the photos!😍