Bubble Scoop (2 scents available)

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These bubble scoops will fill your bath with luxurious bubbles! 

How to use: 

Crumble the bubble scoop under the tap, as you’re running your bath.
Alternatively, chop your bubble scoop up, and pop it in a sieve, to run under the tap with the rest of your bath concoction. 💖 

For smaller baths, you will only need half a scoop. Bigger tubs may require the whole thing. 🥰 


Prosecco Raspberry Scent ⬇️

Initial Scent with most impact: Strawberry and Raspberry

Truest Nature of Fragrance: Crisp Citrus, Plum and Jelly Sweets

Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Liquorice and Vanilla


Snow Angel Scent ⬇️

Initial Scent with most impact: Refreshing, but no overpowering Bubblegum with hints of cotton candy

Truest Nature of Fragrance: Pears are evident, without the harsh peardrops/acetone smell

Supporting Base, and lasting scent: Cherry and Vanilla