Charcoal and Grey Alder Soy Wax Wood Wick Candle

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Scent Description:
Silver-grey Alder with gentle birchwood scent opens to mingle with aromatic fourgere accords, black pepper, revitalising eucalyptus left and mint underlain with gentle smoky woods, vertiver and fresh cut cedar, with sheer musk to complete the blend✨

Hand-poured by me in my kitchen, using a deluxe pure soy wax, and wooden wicks. 🕯

The slight crackle of the wick really helps set the a relaxing ambience of an evening. 🥰

Each candle is packaged in a black box, so perfect for gifting (and easy to wrap!🙊).

Each scent goes through rigorous testing before release, ensuring the correct fragrance load, and wick have been used. 💫

It is recommended that you reach a full melt pool on your first burn, and trim the wick to 2mm between burns. (Your candle will arrive ready-trimmed for your first burn!) ❤️

Please note - Due to the nature of pure soy wax, with no additives, the resets on the candle after burning are not picture perfect. But then, what is?🥰

Check out my Instagram to find out any new scents I’m working on. I tend to be found on my stories, or having a little daily ramble on my grid. ❤️

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