Lavender Blends Clam Shell (8 Lavender Scents!)

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Sleepy -  A Calming Sleepy Fragrance with notes of lavender on white musk & warm woods

Lavender Martini - A subtle blend when lavender meets gin martini to capture this unique fragrance

Top Notes: tangy lemon zests, orange, carbonation

Mid Notes: spicy bergamot, mint, lavender;

Base Notes: rosewood

Limestone & White Lavender -  A light and bright floral with a tangy hint of citrus freshness reveals a heart of jasmine & aromatic white lavender buds, a green floralcy runs through the heart laced with a sheer hint of violet whilst creamy musk and white woods create the essence of the fragrance.

Sea Marine - A refreshing aromatic blend of white lavender, sweet geranium petals and wild herbs infused with rose accords and a fresh twist from eucalyptus leaves.

Lavender & Vanilla - An aromatic delight, the fragrance is centred on the soft sweet scent of lavender. Green notes of earthy violet leaf drift towards warm amber and lily which add depth to the heart. To close, smooth vanilla musk and creamy sandalwood add a touch of indulgence.

Stress Less Delightful lavender accords are enhanced with notes of refreshing rosemary and geranium whilst top notes sparkle with bergamot and lemon and the base supports with precious musk and rich mosses.

Amber Lavender - Tart Blackberries blended with fresh lavender and bay leaf for a fresh, and relaxing aroma. 

Lavender & Chamomile - Take time to create calmness within the home with notes of deeply relaxing lavender, chamomile, and geranium. Rose, herbal accords and citrus notes gently float through this scent with a grounding base of woody and musk notes Top - Lavender, Geranium, Rose Middle - Citrus, Herbal, Chamomile Base - Woody, Musk