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Sweet/Fruity Scents 12, 1oz Wax Melt Sample Pot Bundle + a 140g Wax Melt Tub!

Sweet/Fruity Scents 12, 1oz Wax Melt Sample Pot Bundle + a 140g Wax Melt Tub!

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Includes: (12 1oz Sample Pots, and 1 x 140g Tub)

Champagne Toast: An effervescent blend of champagne, juicy nectarine & blackcurrant.

Happy Halloween: A tingly sweet candy fragrance composed of pink raspberry, red strawberry, purple plum, citrus jelly bean notes and edible vanilla and liquorice

Snow Angel: A vibrant sweet fruity accord with notes of bubblegum, banana, pear drops, musk and vanilla with sweet candy floss.

Lemoncello: A zesty citrus accord blending tangy Sicilian lemons, with white sugar cane and alcoholic notes.

Colomba Di Pasqua: A mouthwatering baked concoction of toasted almonds, cinnamon, red fruits, sugar and plum along with citrus orange and lemon

Lychee Lemonade: A hybrid of two of our favourite scents! Pink Lemonade meets Lychee Martini and becomes Lychee Lemonade. This is a stunner of a scent consisting of the following notes: T: orange, lemongrass, lime, lemon, mandarin
M: apple, rose, jasmine, cassis, green notes, berries
B: amber, sugary notes, vanilla

Marshmallow and Sweet Clementine: A vibrant fragrance with top notes of zesty clementine and soft marshmallow followed by a floral heart all resting on a sweet base of raspberry and musk

Fruit Loops: A fruity fragrance with notes of mixed fruits followed by a hint of biscuit and lemon on a sweet base of sugar and vanilla.

Devil's Margarita: A mischievous mixture straight from Mexico, where tones of tequila and lime are shaken and poured over oak-aged red wine, before being stirred by a spicy stick of red hot cinnamon.

Island Margarita: Cool down with this fragrant treat over ice, where a citrus medley of lime, orange and tangerine melts into a tropical cocktail of mango and banana. To close, white floral notes of jasmine appear.

Blue Raspberry Slushie: Top Notes:  Raspberries, Mid Notes:  Peaches, Strawberries, Base Notes:  Cotton Candy, crushed ice

 AND an extra mystery sample pot



anndddd FINALLYYYYY - 140g Wax Melt Tub that could be Pink Lemonade, Blackberry Jam, and Love Spell. (choose via the drop down menu)

Pink Lemonade: Fresh citrus accords pack a punch in this super fizzy pink lemonade pop! A delightful and exciting fragrance.

Blackberry Jam: The fragrance starts with a tutti frutti note and a spicy note of cinnamon. It is followed by fruity notes of blackberries and blackcurrant and rests on a base of dried fruit and musks. (smells much fruitier, and less bakery than this scent description sounds)

Love Spell: Dazzling top notes of grapefruit, orange and fresh ozone. Mid notes include melon, apple and kiwi. Nuances of jasmine at the base.


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