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This particular batch has been made with a slightly gritty base. It will dissolve, but it may not be best for shaving. Also seem to have squished a lot of the tops. 😂 Sale price until this batch has gone, and a new one has been made up. (See second photo to see slight grittiness. I have used it on my hands, and you can barely feel it really!) 
No issue with manufacturing on my end, my soap base can be unpredictable with different batches and sometimes needs tempering before being added to the rest of my ingredients. 🥰💖 I will be doing that with the rest of this batch, after I’ve made up some scrubs!🙊 

(What a fab way to let out that I’ve got a body scrub assessment eh?) 

A fruitier version of the well-known cocktail. 💜
Think Purple Rain, twisted with Fruit Salad Sweets. 🤤 

*Please don’t actually try and eat this. 🤣🙊*