Self Care Summer: Your Checklist for a Summer Glow Up


Summer is here and it's time to focus on self-care. Especially with all the weight loss brands out in full force, and pressures to feel comfortable in less clothes etc. It's so important to make sure you check in with yourself and find ways to feel strong & happy enough, to not let social triggers get you down.

So I've put together a little checklist to help you achieve a summer glow up & you can refer back to whenever you need a reminder. Time to forget 'Hot Girl Summer,' 'cause a 'Self Care Summer' is all you need! 

Tip One: Wearing Clothes That Make You Smile

If there's a particular outfit that makes you feel confident/happy/insert any good feeling here, wear it! Don't save your favourite clothes for a special occasion; wear them whenever you want.

Wearing clothes that make me happy is one of my fav forms of self-care. I think also because I used to be so focused just on finding clothes where I felt I fitted in, and didn't look too 'large.'

Personally, I like to wear dresses ALL year around, because I feel most comfortable. (I think it's a sensory thing, also move positions a lot so it's less constricting!).

Flip flops everywhere, and I mean everywhere - dog walks in the woods n all. (Another ADHD sensory thing I assume haha, but I've always been picky about shoes and what feel comfortable so that's my choice!)

Glitter on my face, as it makes me smile. I decide every day what colours are gonna make me smile today, n slap them on my eyesss! 

If I'm feeling down and need a reset, even if it's 2am, I'll often do my make up, or do my nails, have a shower, anything to pick my mood back up. It doesn't matter if I'm taking it off in an hour, it's the feeling of adding glitter to my face n slowly feeling more hyped about things, and knowing I'm taking time to do something for me!


Wearing glitter on my face everyday, I'm often asked if I'm going to a party, but nopeeee, I'm just putting this next tip in practice...

Tip Two: Enjoying Your Favourites

Sometimes we save our favourite things for 'best' and forget to enjoy them regularly. This summer, make a conscious effort to use and enjoy your favourite things. Whether it's your favourite perfume, wax melt scent no longer in stock, or your favourite glass that you've just been tooo afraid to smash, use it and enjoy it. 

Don't get caught out like I often do where I'll lose something, or it'll go out of date before I ever get to enjoy it.

I used to hoard soo many things. Even things I had duplicates of, I'd have so much anxiety about if the company didn't make whatever it was anymore, or I didn't think I'd be able to afford it again.

But it just surrounded all of my favourite things with anxiety and stress. I am SO much happier just using things up now. If I don't get them again then, so what? I've still had the same amount of time using it, minus all of the worry and dreaded gap in between, where I wouldn't use it at all, and almost watch in jealousy from afar!

Also, they're often the things that make me smile the most when I wear/use/eat them. So why not allow yourself to have that feeling more. They're your favourites for a reason.


Which leads me on nicely to another little tip...

Tip Three: Including Things That Make You Smile

The key to a self-care summer is to do the things that make you happy. It could be anything from a hobby, a particular colour, or sparkles. Whatever it is, make more time for it! Life is too short to not include the things that bring you joy.


Anything that makes you smile, even inside, DO IT MORE! Feel like you might fancy painting, orrrr learning a skill that you've pushed aside to do things for others, or general life admin - MAKE time.


and a tip to help you with making that time... 

Tip Four: Prioritising Yourself

It's essential to stand up for yourself in situations you usually wouldn't. If you're feeling guilty about saying no to something, but you need a break, do it! Practice prioritising yourself. It's okay to say no and put yourself first. 

You can't constantly live your life for other people, because we'll all run out of time. You don't want to have sacrificed your happiness your whole life. As soon as you take time to focus on yourself, and get yourself to a good place, you'll be in a better position with more capacity to be there for others anyway. Just make sure it's the right people, who deserve your time and attention. 

You are the only person in your own mind every day. You ARE the most important person. You CAN choose to focus on yourself and your own happiness more, and that will never make you a bad person. 


and the final tip, hardest for me to overcome personally, but one of the most rewarding when you do...

Tip Five: Overcoming Embarrassment

Sometimes, (I often!) we get all in our heads about doing something we'd like to because we're worried about how we look or what others will say.

So, one of your tasks for the summer is to learn how to push through the embarrassment because it'll get easier over time.

Honestly, I've made myself do SO many things I'd usually find embarrassing. I used to be embarrassed about EVERYTHING.

I think having ADHD and often 'masking,' to seem like I'm 'normal,' in situations, meant a lot of things embarrassed me. I really never thought I'd be someone who'd be comfortable enough in myself to not worry as much what others say. 

I'm certainly not promising no one's going to say anything to you, but that's okay. Why does that matter? I reframe my thinking in those situations, because it's really sad, and says more about someone else if they're putting you down for doing something that makes you happy. (As long as what you're doing isn't harmful to others! :) )

So, If something brings you joy, go for it! Overcoming embarrassment is all about taking small steps. The more you put yourself out there, the more comfortable you'll become. Trust me; I've been doing it for a while now. Not much embarrasses me anymore, and I feel much lighter for it.



I've rambled a lot as perrrr, but hopefully you'e picked up some tips, or gained the confidence to have your own self care summer. After all, a self-care summer should be a priority for everyone. It's essential to take care of ourselves mentally, because life's hard, mentally too! So give yourself the care and attention you'd give a broken leg, or another physical injury, when you're mentally struggling. 

Use this checklist to help you achieve a summer glow up that you can refer to whenever you need a reminder. Remember to prioritise yourself, do the things that make you happy, and enjoy your favourite things. Happy summer! 🌻🌝 Have a fab one. :)


Chloë, Self Care Enthusiast

Owner and One-Woman-Band Behind To the Moon and Back

(ok, my partner Nathan often does post office runs!)


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