About Us 💫

Hiya, I’m Chloë.

I’m from Street, Somerset and I hand make wax melts, candles, and bath and body products. :)

To add to my vast collection of wax, candles, soap whips and scrubs made by me - I also buy wholesale from other lovely small UK businesses, to bring you even more wonderful goodies! These products include my Charity jewellery range, bath bombs, and soap slices.




My journey began in 2018, when my Mum unfortunately passed away. She was only 44, and I still miss her every day. We were always best friends, and even have matching tattoos!

She had many, many whacky ideas in the end (a few due to her brain tumours, I'm sure).

However she was always amazing, throughout her life, at taking an idea and running with it!

When she was in the hospice, she decided she wanted to open a shop, selling homeware and such, called 'To the Moon and Back.' 

She even had a design made for her, featuring our dog, Mr. Darcy, looking up at the stars! (this can be seen in my big custom bars).

Fast forward to early 2020, once I'd spent a few years healing, and feeling sorry for myself - I decided I wanted to begin my venture into the homemade wax melt business, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to carry on my Mum's dream. She was a wonderful person and Mum, who definitely deserves to be honoured. 

I know she'd have been the same as me with all of the different supplies and fragrances, jumping in head first, exactly as I have been from the start! It's lovely to have a part of her, in a business I'm so passionate about.

Nearly 2 years in, after moving from my Etsy store to website, and managing to sort my taxes for a few years without having a breakdown. I decided it was time to invest in some cosmetic assessments, to make my own bath & body products, and so I got buying and testing, and submitting cosmetic assessments. Luckily, turns out I adore making these too, and feel so lucky to wake up every day, excited to get to work on stuff I LOVE! Even if it does involve a little more paperwork now.

I test all of my products constantly - a lot of the time as an excuse to steal them for myself but... gotta have all the perks! I'm a bit obsessed with all of them, and all of the different scents. So if you ever need a recommendation for a type of scent etc, pop me a message. I'll be more than happy to chat through some suggestions with you.

Edit, Written Oct 2022 - Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with ADHD. It’s hard to explain concisely - well, anything is hard to explain concisely with my ADHD brain. 🤣 But it’s also given me the confidence to fully do what I wanted to do with this business from the start, and properly turn into the self care enthusiast that I’ve always been in my personal life. 💕 Follow me on Instagram to see more of my journey - I’m often sharing lots of self care tips, lil over share rambles about my ADHD struggles, and how I’m coping finding the right meds etc. So far so good! 💃🏼 Feel much much MUCH more organised, in control, n I’m dispatching a lot of orders in lightening speed. 🤪 @tothemoonandbackshopuk 


All of my wax melts are made with soy wax, biodegradable glitter, and ethically-sourced mica.

My packaging is also very eco-conscious. All clam shells are made with recycled plastic, and can be recycled themselves. All CLP labels, and logo stickers are printed on recycled paper sticker sheets. I am also currently trialling some PLA lined cardboard pots, for the bigger tubs of wax!

Candles - my candles are made with a pure soy wax - no additives! So you may get a bit of a rustic reset once you've blown it out. :)

Wooden wicks are used, to create a relaxing ambience.

All candles will be packaged in a black gift box, which is easy to wrap for gifts! Yay!

Bath and Body -

All products made by me, and my wholesaled bath and body products have all been cosmetically assessed, and tested. Alllll skin loving beauties. My favourite is the whipped soap, as it has added Kaolin clay to help the razor slide if/when shaving, leaving you silky smooth. <3 It's equally as wonderful as a replacement to body wash or bubble bath. (for bubble bath I'd advise running it under the tap in a sieve!)

Your orders will be packed in cardboard boxes, and sealed with paper tape. Inside, the packing will be either be my eco packing peanuts, that are dissolvable in water, or reused packaging from my own, personal & business deliveries.

I absolutely love making each and every batch. I hope you love them as much as I enjoy making them! ❤️
I also only make small batches, so colours and biodegradable glitter used may vary from batch to batch :)

Any queries? Please feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook @tothemoonandbackshopuk 

Alternatively, you're welcome to email me at chloetothemoonandback@gmail.com